Free and open-source financial control



webBudget is a free and open-source application to manage your personal finances or even for small companies. It will provide basic financial management with simple and clear functionalities and giving maximum visibility on what is happening. Bellow you can find more details about the core functionalities but theres much more, the project is always evolving

Financial Periods

Define fixed periods to have more control on your money, when it finishes, close it to see your results

Variable or Fixed

Track your expenses by period or if it happens every period, it can be registered as a fixed expense

Credit Card

Import and organize your credit card invoice, dont get lost with your credit card


Organize your expenses/revenues with cost centers and classes, all personalized


Simple support for tracking stocks or funds investments


Keep tracking on what is happening with your money using helpful dashboards


A bit of history about the software

  • 2009-2010

    First Ideas

    Small project, designed to run from a pendrive and provide basic financial management

  • 2011-2013

    Became Routine

    Using the software was part of daily basis, a web version start to be necessary

  • 2013-2014

    Version 2 is born

    Version 2 is born, now with web support and with a simple layout

  • 2016

    Version 3 and a new visual

    Version 3 comes with an entire new visual, more stable and with new functionalities

  • 2021-present


    An entire new version, new technologies and also new features

  • What
    is comming


Know a bit more about the guy who started the project

Arthur Gregório


Want to contribute?
Send me an e-mail contato or access our github page for more information!